About Us

The senior partners of Invest Apex Solutions came together to solve problems facing legacy enterprise systems. Many businesses who saw great success over the last two to three decades are now facing great risk of remaining viable. Technology is evolving rapidly for businesses, and digitally connecting all aspects of the enterprise with partners and customers. Understanding new challenges and formulating a dynamic strategy that is cost-effective and pragmatic, yet forward-thinking and delivers the best experience for customers, is essential to your organization's success.

Senior Partners

Larry Leonidas

20 Years in Digital Strategy

Larry Leonidas is a seasoned Information Technology Executive with broad experience in the Insurance, Investment Management, Commercial Real Estate, and Information Technology Consulting industries. In his various IT leadership roles, which included the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for an insurance company, Larry was responsible for establishing and directing enterprise level IT policies and procedures. He also oversaw mission critical systems and operations, responding to regulatory audits, acquisition related due diligence efforts, and annual compliance processes.  

Ragav Gopalan

18 Years in Data Strategy

Ragav Gopalan has a wealth of knowledge in global technology management from his experience in Media and Entertainment, Consumer Product, Retail, Real Estate, and BPO companies, ranging in size from early-stage to Fortune 100. He is a passionate technology leader with an extensive record of success in technology and operations management, architecture, product development, and user experience (UX) design. 

Ragav is also highly successful in creating vision, identifying opportunities, and effectively implementing innovative solutions. He has helped improve Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Quality, and Reporting solutions for large scale organizations such as 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney Studios, BMC, Capital One, Petco and Westfield.  

Terrence Carson

25 Years in Customer Success

Terrence Carson has extensive experience in providing consulting services to professional services firms and business owners in the Audit & Tax, Construction, Financial Services, Healthcare, Information Technology, and Legal industries. A key focus of his efforts has been on developing strategic marketing, communications, and training materials regarding disciplines such as regulatory compliance, risk management, protecting intellectual property, driving business growth, and business process improvement. 

Terrence brings strategic thinking to business and technology processes and then follows it up with the supporting messaging which helps clients optimize the perceived value-add and enrichment of the experience for their employees, customers, or patients.